Paige & Forrest

"We are so happy we picked the Braham Event Center as our wedding venue! We were looking for something affordable but beautiful where we could hold a 200 person wedding as well as a reception with a dance.

The Braham Event Center was perfect! The floor to ceiling windows made a stunning backdrop for the ceremony and we had the room staged for a very quick turn around into a reception. Because the space is very open and minimally decorated, we were able to bring in our own style and really make it ours. We had private spaces to get ready and I loved the convenience of a private bathroom next to the bridal party's space. We did our pictures right outside and they turned out beautifully as well. 

Kelly was very flexible and fun to work with, and the catering team was fantastic as well, accommodating gluten, egg, and dairy allergies with patience and care. They put their best into making our day special, and it showed. We would recommend the Braham Event Center for anyone looking for an affordable yet classy option for a wedding ceremony or reception venue."

Photo courtesy of Amy Gregg Photography