Braham Event Center Wedding Blog - 5 Questions to ask your venue
Photo by Amy Gregg Photography; Decor by Amy's Cherished Events

At the Braham Event Center, one of my favorite conversations is about décor! I love sharing photos from past weddings as examples to new couples. Our banquet hall is a classic, neutral color, and it is so fun to see what each couple brings in. The question is, should you buy, rent or make your own decor?

As you search for a venue, I would recommend asking if they provide linens or decor as part of their package or as an add-on. Sometimes they do, and it can be so convenient to have it all set before you arrive in the morning. More often, venues will not have linens or decor available to rent or as part of their package. In that case, there are plenty of options for you as the couple. I’ll list a few suggestions below.


Rent from a local company

Ask your venue if they can refer you to a local company with linens and decor rentals. Most venues will have a quick list they can share with you. You could also ask if there is a couple renting the day before or after that might be using some of the same pieces. For example, for ceiling drapery, some venues may be able to split the cost for the weekend set-up between two back-to-back wedding bookings.


Buy new or create your own decor

A lot of the couples I work with at the Braham Event Center will purchase linens and decor, or some of them build their own! We have plenty of couples with DIY centerpieces and altars. For linens, couples will typically buy online, have them shipped to their home, then bring them into our center a day or two before to iron them out and leave them on one of our tables to keep from wrinkling.


Buy used decor

Some couples use decor from a friend or family member and work it into their scheme. Others will join some facebook wedding groups and watch for used wedding decor listings and purchase there. There are some really cute options out there! For my own wedding years ago, we went on a thrift store shopping spree and purchased centerpieces of various colors and shapes as cupcake stands on each table. It was fun, inexpensive, and we even gifted some of the pieces to close family and friends after the event.


Resell after your wedding

Most couples I work with find a way to sell their decor or linens, typically by listing on facebook marketplace or facebook wedding groups. Others will sell to family or friends with upcoming weddings. Be sure to take some nice photos of the decor before you take it down so that you can give a nice visual to prospective buyers.


Questions for your venue

As you think through your decor options and preferences, I recommend that you ask your venue about restrictions for decor. It can be frustrating not to know restrictions before you start in on your pinterest board or purchase centerpieces that won’t work out.  I would also recommend, on the flip side, to be sure to also ask if the venue has fun ideas or examples from past couples. I love sharing decor photos with couples!

At the Braham Event Center, we do not provide linens or decor, but I do love sharing photos from past weddings to give couples ideas for the space and referrals for local companies or other avenues for getting the perfect decor. Our rental agreement outlines our restrictions and these are pretty common for most venues: battery-operated candles instead of open flame (with the exception of a unity candle during the ceremony - we’re okay with that!), no tacks or nails in the walls, and no glitter, please!