Braham Event Center Wedding Blog - 5 Questions to ask your venue
Photo by Memories by Mikki Photography

As the event coordinator at the Braham Event Center, I enjoy working with a variety of couples, all with a different approach to their wedding day activities. I have found that there tends to be a general timeline that most will follow, allowing for some variation between couples. In this post, you can read through a sample timeline and take advantage of helpful feedback from past couples at the center. 

Sample Wedding Day Timeline

9:00 AM              The wedding party and helpers arrive to set out table and ceremony decor in the banquet hall 

10:00 AM            Bride and bridesmaids head to our library bridal suite for hair, make-up, and snacks

11:00 AM            Groom or partner arrives with the rest of the wedding party to get dressed and prepare

12:00 PM            Lunch on-site for the wedding party and family

1:00 PM              Pictures on the grounds (first look option for the couple)

3:00 PM              Wedding party enjoys down time to relax and visit as wedding guests arrive for the ceremony

4:00 PM              Ceremony time! Possible first look for the couple, lots of love, tears & happiness

4:30 PM              Social hour, time for additional photos with the wedding couple, wedding party, and family. 

5:30 PM              Dinner, speeches, possibly time for the couple to visit with guests.

6:30 PM              Dessert, cutting the cake

7:30 PM              First dance for the couple, and opening the dance floor for all wedding guests

9:00 PM              Late night snack for guests, because we all know dancing works up an appetite!

11:00 PM            Last call for the bar and final dance numbers

11:15 PM            Wedding couple send-off! 

11:30 PM            Guests depart, and family and friends help with take-down


There are always variations, but I find this is the general flow of the day. And I find that couples who share a printed timeline with their wedding party and helpers tend to be more relaxed. If you want to put together a timeline for your wedding day, I have some helpful tips to consider based on feedback from couples I have worked with.


  • First Look:

Do you want your first look to be a private moment or will you see your partner for the first time as you walk down the aisle?


Do you want a lot of down time for family photos between the ceremony and reception? Or earlier in the day? Do you have a list ready for the shots that you want to be sure your photographer will capture? Having a prepared list will help you estimate timing and keep things on track. 

  • Quitting Time:

When do you want to wrap up the party? Are you and your partner night owls and the last to leave the dance floor, or would you appreciate an earlier send-off from the venue so you can enjoy some downtime as newlyweds to reflect on your big day?  

  • Helpers:

Setting up and taking down decor can be a breeze if you line up some friends and family to help. My suggestion is to be very clear about when they should arrive and what tasks you need each person to help with. Couples that set clear expectations with their helpers enjoy a fun and easy morning and evening, and the helpers appreciate knowing exactly what needs to be done and when.

  • Goals for the Day:

Talk with your partner about what you most want for your big day. I have heard more than one couple say that they wish they had made more time to visit with guests during dinner, or that they maybe should have practiced their first kiss before the ceremony. :)  

My own personal advice is to carve out ten minutes to be alone, just the two of you, after the ceremony or after dinner. On my own wedding day, our photographer suggested that my husband and I take a walk outside by ourselves, and he quietly followed us from a distance. I have a photo of us embracing on the waterfront during that walk and it is a favorite. It was the first time I fully relaxed during the busy day, and we were able to enjoy a few minutes to smile and laugh about the day’s events.