Braham Event Center Wedding Blog - 5 Questions to ask your venue
Photo by Amy Gregg Photography

It’s always helpful to have a big picture overview of what the payment and planning process will look like - especially when couples are booking with multiple wedding vendors and are trying to pull everything together without a hired coordinator. 

I get it! What I like to share with my couples is a quick timeline with everything that I need to make their wedding amazing...but then also ask them what THEY need, so we can have shared expectations (and no surprises down the line!). 

When you book with us...

Our first step is always a 50% rental fee deposit and signed agreement at the time of booking. We don’t ask for payment again until three weeks before the wedding. We know you have other vendors to pay, and we want to make it easy for you to plan ahead.

At three weeks out…

At three weeks out, we ask for the balance of your rental fee, plus any extra services that you want (for example, use of our piano, sound system, projector & screen, or a bridal suite makeover). We also charge a $500 damage deposit, which we refund to you after your event. 

If you go through us for food (and we think you should - it’s delicious!), then we also ask for a 50% deposit on estimated food costs. 

At two weeks out…

With two weeks to go, we ask for your final guest count based on your RSVPs. We love that we are able to wait until two weeks prior to allow couples as much time as possible to chase up those last few guests so your total can be as accurate as possible. We also ask if you have guests with dietary restrictions so that we can accommodate them with a meal that meets their needed criteria but that is also tasty! 

The week before…

Once we have your final guest count, we send a final invoice, to be paid by the week before your wedding, so that you don’t have to worry about it on your big day. 


Other details…

Aside from payments, I also work with couples on logistics. I like to be sure the hall is set the way you want it, ready for you on the morning of your wedding. I will typically send a room set-up 30 days before so that we can talk through the details. I also like to invite couples to visit in person as we get closer so that we can talk through things in person, with a visual in front of us. I find that in-person visits help to bring up questions and details that both you and I might not have thought to mention over the phone. 


The couples that I work with each have their own communication style and I am happy to match it. If you’re a texter, text me! If you prefer to lay things out over email, that works, too! And if you prefer to call or visit in person, by all means, get in touch. I’m here and love talking details. I want your day to be perfect and I truly enjoy helping to make that a reality. 

Call me! :)