Tusen Tack, Inc. (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit)

Board of Directors, Committees and Staff

A Message from the President of the Board:

It has been a year of transition for all of us at Tusen Tack in 2017. The Event Center Operations Task Force felt it was time to update the organizations business plan. In July 2017, a new 12-member board was developed, and I have had the privilege of serving as Tusen Tack’s President of the Board. With change come challenges and the opportunity to discover new possibilities, focus our work on what matters and fall back on the guidance of the previous board and our mission and values.

The Braham Event Center operated by Tusen Tack, Inc. a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Braham, MN for weddings, events, expos, celebrations and conventions serving Cambride, Mora, Pine City, Rush City and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.For me, this year has been a learning experience and I have had the chance to interact with this all volunteer run organization. Our 12-member board is made up of members of the four operating committees (Thrift Store, Event Center, Food Shelf and Library) and others from the communities we serve. We also formed several committees to continue to work on our Strategic Plan. Our new committees formed are Development, Facilities, Marketing & Communications, Volunteer, and Youth.

We greatly appreciate our donors and volunteers. Without them, we would not be where we are today. We have been searching for an AmeriCorps VISTA Member to join our team. This person would be responsible for helping us build capacity with a focus on volunteer and fund development. If you know of someone that would be interested, please call me at 320-420-4290.

Stay tuned for 2019 as we celebrate Tusen Tack’s 30th Anniversary and Braham Event Center’s 5th year! This will be a year of celebration as we mark a significant era in our history. As we move forward, we will continue to develop strong leadership and grow our volunteer and development programs. There is always room for one more. If interested in serving in any capacity, please contact us at 320-396-3177.



  • Becky Turnquist, President
  • Kim Londgren Vice President
  • Edie Kaunonen, Secretary
  • Darryl Kukowski, Treasurer
  • Marie Grundberg, Past President
  • Arlene Asleson, Member
  • Dorothy Johnson, Member
  • Terry Lind, Member
  • Marie Meyer, Member
  • Jane Moyer, Member
  • Dixie Randall, Member
  • Pat Thiry, Member



  • Gary Skarsten
  • Kelly Nelson
  • Courtney Cadwell
  • Joseph Miller


  • Jane Moyer, Thrift Store
  • Dorothy Johnson, Event Center
  • Stella Bobo/Merla Berg, Food Shelf
  • Dixie Randall, Library, Arts & Culture
  • Louise Nelson/Patty Lind, Development
  • Mike Thompson, Facilities
  • Tina Lanhart, Marketing & Communications
  • Leona Dressel, Volunteer
  • Jake King, Youth Development